Submit an Entry to Westford CAT's Community Bulletin Board

Our Community Bulletin Board is free non-commercial advertising space on our channels designated for local organizations and events. If you are organizing an event, support group, or any other community gathering that is open to the public, we will help you create awareness by broadcasting your message on our channels. Please note that this is not commercial advertising space. If your business is holding a public event such as a blood drive or a charity fundraiser, we are happy to help publicize it, but we cannot accept slides or requests for slides that directly advertise for commercial businesses. To request a slide on our community bulletin, fill out the form below,  attach any relevant images, and click submit.

If you have a slide created already:
We are happy to accept slides that you or your organization have created! Please keep the following in mind when sending us slides:

  • Our bulletin board broadcasts on a Standard Definition (SD) signal with a resolution of 640x480 and a 4:3 aspect ratio. This means that font sizes below 18pt will likely be unreadable, as will decorative fonts. It also means that most fliers designed for print will not display well.
  • The entire slide should be easily readable within 12 seconds; this is the length of time each slide is displayed on our bulletin, per cycle.
  • Remember to observe proper title-safe margins, as text lying too close to the edge of the slide may be cut off by the overscan on older televisions.
  • Lots of white space (such as a white background) can sometimes cause video glitches in our channel modulators. We recommend using pastel colors instead of white for light backgrounds.
  • We recommend creating your slide in PowerPoint; this ensures the correct aspect ratio in most cases. If you send us the .pptx file, we are able to make minor edits to ensure the readability of your slide on our broadcast. If we want to make any major changes to your slide's content, we will of course contact you for approval first. Please note that the form on this site does not accept .pptx files, so if you wish to send us one, please email it to <>.

If you need us to create a slide for you:
Simply send us the important details for your event, including the name, date, time, location, cost of attendance, and contact info. Feel free to add more info if you want to, but understand that each slide runs for 12 seconds at a time and screen space is limited. If you have any relevant logos or graphics, attach them to the form and we will incorporate them. Please do not send us press releases, articles, or sales pitches; if we have to condense three or more paragraphs of information into a few lines of text on a single slide, we cannot guarantee that the slide we create will reflect the information that you feel is the most important.

We usually process slide requests within a day or two of receiving them, but during busier times, it may take up to a week. Slide requests sent within a week or two of your event may not receive enough airtime to be effective.  We recommend sending slide requests at least 3-4 weeks prior to your event.

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