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Who Applied For The Drew Gardens Task Force?


The Board of Selectmen have asked members of the community to apply for a task force that will investigate whether or not the town should by the Drew Gardens property on Boston Road, better known as the “Gateway to Westford” area.

Among the applicants, only former Board of Selectmen chairman Bob Jefferies hails from Boston Road, although there were two applicants from Blake’s Hill Road, which is adjacent to Drew Gardens.

Here’s a list of who applied in the order of their application. More information on each of the candidates is available on the town website (pdf).

  • Charles W.H. Andrews, 87 West St.
  • Andrew Bergamini, 78 Graniteville Rd.
  • Keith Bohne, 31 Tadmuck Rd.
  • Faye Badlong, 13 Tenney Rd.
  • Jane Calvin, 64 Broadway St.
  • Nancy Cook, 25 N. Main St.
  • Donald Costley, 3 Phillips Dr.
  • Peter Cox, 82 Main St.
  • Heather Curley, 26 Blake’s Hill Rd.
  • Brendan Curley, 26 Blake’s Hill Rd.
  • Denali Delmar, 8 Dunstable Rd.
  • David Earl, 8B Old Colony Dr.
  • Steven Farnsworth, 83 Groton Rd.
  • Patricia Foster, 7 Polley Rd.
  • James Edward Geraghty, 5 Preservation Way
  • David Gershen, 3 Fourth St.
  • Robert Jefferies, 11 Boston Rd.
  • Ronald Johnson, 77 Carlisle Rd.
  • Eric Leafquist, 36 Crown Rd.
  • Joyce Minosh, 9 Stone Ridge Rd.
  • Jeffrey Morgenstern, 7 Kings Pine Rd.
  • Jonathan Myerov, 58 Birch Rd.
  • Cori Ryan, 93 Stony Brook Rd.
  • Steven Sadowski, 10 Evergreen Cir.
  • Judee Secontine, 8 Wheeler Ln.
  • Emily Teller, 9 Texas Rd.
  • Mary Ellen Tynan, 10 Kirsi Cir.
  • Eric Van Houtte, 2 Polar Bear Dr.
  • Maciej Wiczynski, 48 Providence Rd.



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