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Five Members, Two Alternates Chosen For Drew Gardens Task Force


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The following is Part Three of a transcript from the June 24, 2014 Selectmen’s meeting. For more, click here.

Video of the meeting will be available online at westfordcat.org


8:54 p.m. – The board then went back to issue of the pending sale of the former Eric’s/Drew Gardens property and a possible task force.

Jodi Ross read a notice from attorneys involved in the sale of the Eric’s/Drew Gardens Property, with an offer coming for it last week.

Peraner-Sweet made a motion to send a letter drafted by the town back to the attorneys involved in the sale.

That motion was approved.

Recently, there was talk of a task force on the property that was deferred, with Peraner-Sweet saying the time to explore making that committee had now come due to the new developments.

She thanked the 33 people who applied to the committee, saying it was a record, and that a nine person committee would be made, including a representative from the Selectmen, Planning Board, Agricultural Committee and Conservation Commission, leaving five at-large candidates.

Jodi Ross said at the last meeting, the Ag. Comm wasn’t mentioned, and that two alternates were also mentioned.

A member of the audience recommended Keith Bohne.

Kelly Ross also recommended Zac Cataldo from Sustainable Westford as an alternate. Peraner-Sweet also mentioned Charlie Andrews as an alternate.

Joyce Minosh, Jane Calvin, Jim Geraghty, and Bob Waskiewicz were appointed alone with Bohne.

Peraner-Sweet asked to be the Selectmen’s appointee and Kate Hollister was recognized as the Planning Board’s member.

Conservation Agent Bill Turner asked on behalf of the Conservation Commission what the role of the task force would be.

Peraner-Sweet said that the role would be to determine whether the town should exercise its right of first refusal.

Emily Teller asked if part of the task force’s charge could be options to be presented at fall town meeting, and thanked the board for creating the task force.

The motion on the charge of the task force was whether the town should exercise its right of first refusal and explore options for any possible purchase.

Jodi Ross asked if they’d look at what to do with the land as well. Peraner-Sweet said it was just financing the purchase and recommendation of right of first refusal.

Assistant Town Manager John Mangiaratti reiterated this.

A motion on the charge was approved.

9:12 p.m. – Minutes were approved, and several items were discussed by Jodi Ross, particularly a new agreement between the Selectmen and the Farmers’ Market.

Peraner-Sweet made a point to clarify that the Board of Selectmen had never imposed a $500 fee on the Farmers’ Market, saying this had been misconstrued in media reports.

9:17 p.m. – The board then went to the consent agenda and Jodi Ross gave a recap of the Strategic Planning Retreat.

Peraner-Sweet praised the event, saying there was a lot of energy and there, also thanking everyone who organized the event.

Siriani said he could not attend the event due to a car accident on 495.

9:21 p.m. – Jodi Ross then discussed an issue with the firefighters contract and several donations to the Food Pantry.

There was a motion by Siriani for an intersection safety audit not to exceed $2,500. It was approved.

The meeting was adjourned.

Jim Sullivan on June 24, 2014
Jim Sullivan on June 24, 2014

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