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LETTER: “Money Talks” in BOS Agnew Decision


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The following is a letter to the editor.

To The Editor,

The recent decision by the Board of Selectmen to not accept the offer from the Westford Conservation Trust for the Agnew property demonstrates how seriously connected local government is to the builder / “developer” / real estate community.

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The Selectmen’s concerns about risk were a specious argument.  If the Selectmen were truly concerned about risk but were honestly willing to consider the offer from the WCT, they could have obtained legal counsel to guide them so that any perceived or actual risk was eliminated.

Also of note is the fact that absolutely no one in the decision making process represented the interests of the town’s need for more affordable housing, both to house non-millionaires and to move the town forward in its struggle against local forces to reach the State mandated affordable housing goal.

Even in local government, it is clear that “money talks” and that those with money have a louder voice in local decision making than those without.

Paul Cully

4 Patriot Lane

Westford, MA  01886

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