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New Westford Knight Sign, Grants Awarded to Westford Museum and J.V. Fletcher Library


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The following is Part One of a transcript from the June 24, 2014 Selectmen’s meeting. For more, click here.

Video of the meeting will be available online at westfordcat.org

7:30 p.m. – The meeting began with the Pledge of Allegiance and recognition of three Blanchard Middle School students who will be heading to Carnegie Hall.

Then J.V. Fletcher Library director Ellen Rainville provided news that the Masachusetts Board of Library Commissioners has given preliminary approval for a $50,000 grant.

Town Manager Jodi Ross informed the Selectmen that the Massachusetts School Building Authority awarded $814,074 to replace windows and doors at the Day School.

Selectman Don Siriani then provided information on an upcoming piece of legislation that would impact the authority the Selectmen would have regarding where wireless phone towers could be located.

Andrea Peraner-Sweet on June 24, 2014
Andrea Peraner-Sweet on June 24, 2014

Chairwoman Andrea Peraner-Sweet said that information about the legislation should be sent to the Planning Board quickly, with additional information provided by Town Engineer Paul Starratt on their upcoming schedule of meetings.

There was nothing from the audience for open forum.

7:42 p.m. – A representative of the Historical Commission gave information on an approved emergency grant for $70,000 for the Westford Museum from the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

They applied for $100,000, although she said that most communities get $50,000 to $70,000.

Since the grant is an emergency grant, the funds must be given before the end of the fiscal year, requiring an immediate vote by the Selectmen to enter an agreement with the Massachusetts Historical Commission.

7:44 p.m. – Attorney Melissa Robbins then came before the board to ask for authorization of seven 55 and over affordable housing units at Littleton Landing.

Outside of the 40B process, this method, known as a local action petition, is the only way to obtain new affordable housing units.

Peraner-Sweet asked about the speed of certification for the “affordable housing” of the units, with Robbins saying it may take approximately three to six months.

The Selectmen unanimously approved the authorization.

7:47 p.m. – The item on public hearings for selling liquor to people under 21 at Evivva Cucina and Westford Market was continued to July 22, although Jodi Ross said that the ABCC had given Westford Market a warning.

7:48 p.m. – Dave Christiana and Nancy Cook came before the board to ask for support of a Westford Knight sign on Depot Street.

A personal donation of $10,000 has already been made.

Christiana said the sign is in line with current historical signs around town and explained the sign as well as the history behind the Westford Knight.

The sign will be roped off as part of the original project approved at the site, near the Abbot School.

Kelly Ross asked a question about who was involved in the making of the sign, which was answered by Christiana.

Christiana then said some people in the Historical Commission did not want to touch the site while the majority did want to preserve and enhance the site.

There was additional information and the Kelly Ross asked if the Historical Commission and Society would put only facts onto the sign.

Christiana said yes, and he said that the sign is a tourist attraction and should provide informational value.

Cook discussed how people feel about the legend in general.

Selectman Don Siriani asked how people at home can support the sign and what the timeframe for the sign would be.

Christiana said there is a fund open at Northern Bank and Trust on Main Street and said that the project would cost approximately $30,000. This would be comparable to the 9/11 monument.

He went onto say that most of the monument would be in place before winter.

Siriani asked if the sign was using the town seal, but Christiana said it was only technically the town seal.

Siriani made a motion for the town to sponsor the sign, it was passed.

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