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ABCC Levies Warning, Suspended Punishment From Recent Sting


Recently, two Westford businesses caught in a underage drinking sting earlier this year discovered their punishments, or lack thereof.

Just past 6 p.m. on March 12, an underaged operative with the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC) purchased a can of Bud Light from Westford Market and Liquors on Carlisle Road, followed only minutes later with another purchase of Budweiser at Evviva Cucina at Cornerstone Square.

Both businesses got off without immediate suspensions of their liquor license from the ABCC, with Westford Market receiving only a warning due to the fact that they had not had any violations throughout their history stretching over a decade.

Evviva Cucina was given a probationary sentence by the ABCC, wherein they would lose their license for three days if any further violations occurred over the next two years.

Although the item has been postponed on the Board of Selectmen’s agenda several times, with the topic currently set to be discussed on July 22, it remains to be seen whether the Board of Selectmen will also address the issue directly.


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