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Galvin Says O’Brien Ruling Shows Culture of Corruption


Last week held a verdict in the trial of former Massachusetts Probation Commissioner John O’Brien and Westford’s presumptive GOP State Rep nominee had some choice words on the subject.

After months, a guilty ruling was handed to O’Brien as well as former deputies Elizabeth Tavares and William Burke for public corruption involving illegal gratuities, highlighting allegations of quid pro quo of government jobs for political favors.

In a statement on Friday, candidate Dennis Galvin (R-Westford), said that he believes the ruling demonstrates a culture of corruption on Beacon Hill.

“The convictions in the probation scandal trial call into question the integrity of, not only those House members who directly benefited from this scandal, but also those whom enabled it,” said Galvin in his statement. “The election in November will not be solely about issues; it will also be about ethics and how Massachusetts will conduct its public business.”

In an interview with WCVB’s Janet Wu, House Speaker Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop) said that the allegations charged by those like Galvin are unfounded.

“Hopefully people realize about gratuity – that is a unilateral action, so in other words as opposed to bribery, which sort of takes two to tango,” DeLeo said.

More information about Galvin is available at www.galvin4staterep.com


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