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Former Westford Land Use Director Shares Plan For Lowering Housing Costs


Westford’s former Director of Land Use Planning is running for Lieutenant Governor and he’s released a plan to address the issue of housing costs.

Angus Jennings, alongside running mate Evan Falchuk recently released a five-point plan to address the issue of housing costs, which they say alongside healthcare costs is the biggest driver in cost of living increases for Massachusetts residents.

Jennings will be on the ballot this fall on the ticket of the United Independent Party alongside Falchuk in a campaign they say is geared toward solutions rather than traditional political stereotypes.

“Part of the problem with our politics and legislature today is too many opportunities for smart, brave reform are being passed up in favor of preserving our complacent, outdated political establishment,” Falchuk said. “We need fewer sound bites and more actual ideas from lawmakers and candidates. Without pragmatic, detailed plans to tackle the cost of living in Massachusetts, we’ll continue to see young professionals and families forced to leave the state, and too many older residents struggling with the rising cost of housing. Massachusetts must not become a state where only a select percentage of people can afford to live.”

The campaign has just released a series of advertisements describing the plan on several television and radio stations across Massachusetts.

More on the plan is available at Falchuk2014.org


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