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School Committee Discusses Timetables, Enrollment, Kindergarten


There were no members of the public at the Aug. 25, 2014 Westford School Committee meeting.

You can watch the video of the meeting on Westford CAT, here’s what happened, with links to our two-part transcript.

Total School Enrollment Is Slightly Below Projections, But May Change

There are just under 5,200 students in Westford’s public schools right now, although Superintendent Bill Olsen said that figure may move during the course of the year.

The School Committee also talked about topics it will tackle this fall and the overarching goals for the upcoming school year.

Keele Says Incoming Kindergarten Committee Will Recommend Full-Day Kindergarten

The second half of the meeting was dominated by a discussion of the incoming citizens’ committee that will present a recommendation on full-day kindergarten.

Specifically, the citizens’ committees perceived preferences potentially getting in the way of an objective analysis.


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