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Brody Returns With Fourth Westford Knight Book


It’s no longer just a trilogy, Westford author David Brody is back with the fourth title in his American Templar series: The Oath of Nimrod.

Like his earlier books, Nimrod is based in part on the legend of the Westford Knight, which claims that members of the Knights Templar travelled to Westford long before Columbus.

Also like earlier books in the series, Nimrod takes those archeological suppositions and melds them with others to create a tapestry that this time involves the skeletons of giants, a CIA mind control program and the Freemasons.

OathOfNimrod.finalfrontcoverWhen I first wrote Cabal of the Westford Knight in 2009, nobody really had done any research on the Templars being in America,” said Brody. “Now in the past five years, there’s been a lot more talk about it, even if it’s not accepted.”

Brody’s book is available for purchase on Amazon, he will also be making an appearance on Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. in the Westford Museum on Boston Road.

More information on Brody is available at http://davidbrodybooks.com


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