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Carlisle Road’s Cynosure Acquires New York Company


Earlier this month Carlisle Road’s Cynosure announced that it has acquired the assets of Ellman International Inc. for approximately $13.2 million in cash.

A Hicksville, NY-based company, Ellman develops, manufactures and markets advanced radiofrequency (RF) technology for precision surgical and aesthetic procedures and offers a line of aesthetic lasers.

(W) CynosureCynosure Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Michael Davin hopes the acquisition can add to his company’s reputation as a leader in laser and light based cosmetic treatments.

This transaction complements our brand portfolio, expands our market opportunities and enhances our recurring revenue stream,” he said. “Ellman combines a 55-year history of innovation with an outstanding reputation for developing high-quality products that serve the needs of a global customer base.”

Ellman’s product line encompasses multiple RF generators and single-use electrodes for aesthetic and multi-specialty surgical indications such as facial plastic and general surgery, gynecology, ear, nose and throat procedures, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, podiatry and proctology. Ellman’s proprietary high frequency, low-temperature RF technology is optimized for achieving surgical precision and controlled hemostasis.

“The efficacy of products such as Ellman’s versatile Surgitron® radiowave platform technology is supported by clinical validation in more than 300 surgical publications,” Davin said. “What differentiates Ellman’s platform technology is its ability to consistently achieve favorable clinical outcomes with minimal tissue damage, rapid recovery and less scarring.”

Ellman has approximately 100 employees, with Cynosure expected to retain all of them. However, it was not disclosed whether they would be transferred to Cynosure’s Westford facility.

More news on Cynosure is available on its website.


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