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LETTER: An Alphabet of Scandal


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The following letter was submitted by Dennis Galvin, Republican candidate for the Second Middlesex District of the Massachusetts State House of Representatives. To submit your own letter to the editor, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com


The quality and character of Massachusetts Government is the worst it has ever been. There appear to be no heroes on the inside who can change things.   It can only be changed by bringing new people from outside in. Below is the list of the scandals that have rocked our state government in the last five years, set to the ALPHABET -take it all in before you vote this November.

Affordable Care Act and the botched implementation in Massachusetts.

B arranco, John, who swindled $11 million from the Middlesex Education Collaborative.

Carlos Henriquez, a state representative expelled for battering his girlfriend.

D iMasi, Sal , former House Speaker serving Federal time for bribery.

E BT cards and their mismanagement, which cost the state millions.

F inneran Thomas, another House Speaker convicted on Federal Perjury charges.

Gaming Commission and the questionable industry ties of its commissioner Steve Crosby.

Hundreds of Drug dealers released by the failed Hinton Drug lab.

Immigration: in state tuition for illegal immigrants, denial for servicemen and women.

Judicial appointments by Governor Patrick, rejected by the Governor’s Council.

Killins, Sherri: never came to work or cross referenced sex offender lists for Day Care sites.

Lantiqua, Willie: wasted thousands of state dollars earmarked for Lawrence revitalization.

McLaughin Michael: the Chelsea housing authority scandal and his hidden retirement.

New England Drug Compounding Co:,failed state oversight resulting in death/injury to hundreds.

Olga Roche: former Welfare Commissioner, poor oversight and the death of Jeremiah Oliver.

Probation Scandal: Speaker DeLeo allegedly traded votes for patronage.

Questionable management of the MBTA pension fund.

Republican Ethics Proposal: mandated reporting of criminal activity, shot down by lawmakers.

Sex Offender Registry: still not up to full Federal standards.

Transportation Department sucking tax dollars through poor contracts and MBTA maintenance.

Unemployment scandal: more fraud has taken more state money.

Violent Drug gangs that terrorize our cities.

Wilkerson, Diane: a former state senator and shakedown queen.

Xtra-ordinary spending of 49M to redecorate the Governor’s office and House/Senate chamber.

Youth heroin addiction and deaths on the rise in Massachusetts.

Zoning reform: once again has died in the legislature.

It’s all here. The question for you the voter ; is this acceptable ?






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