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Red Hat Provides Two Pieces Of Good News on Thursday


Red Hat provided two pieces of positive news on Thursday announcing a strong earnings report for the second quarter of FY’ 15 as well as the acquisition of Irish-based FeedHenry, a company that develops enterprise mobile apps.

The Irish company, which Red Hat sees as an important addition to its existing enterprise cloud app development portfolio, was purchased for $81.9 million in cash.

That news set the stage for the quarterly earnings report later in the day, where Red Hat indicated $446 million in revenue for the quarter, a 19 percent increase from the second quarter of the 2014 fiscal year.

(W) NetScout Red HatRed Hat President and CEO Jim Whitehurst told those listening to the announcement that more positive news is to be expected over the rest of the fiscal year.

“We expect Red Hat to deliver continued solid growth in FY ’15,” he said. “We plan to continue investing for the long-term with a particular focus on further commercializing and driving adoption of our emerging technologies and cloud computing and big data storage.”

More information on the company, which has offices on Littleton Road, can be found at investors.redhat.com.


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