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Thank You To Westford Florist!


It’s our tradition here at the Westford Template to welcome every new advertiser, and today I want to welcome Westford Florist!

There are plenty of places where you can get great flowers, and Westford Florist is one of those places to be sure, but for me the real draw is the owner, Mayshu Huang-DelBonis. DSC_0057

If flowers have the power to make people happy, then Mayshu is basically a living flower from my experience. Whenever I need someone to cheer me up, Mayshu is one of the people I go see.

And I still remember the time I had a wake and forgot to buy flowers, back when Mayshu was on Main Street I stopped in, and she was able to quickly get a great arrangement together for a reasonable price.

Mayshu is down at Cornerstone Square now, right in front of the Littleton Road entrance.

Give them a call at 978-577-6071 or check out their website, www.westfordflorist.com


Andrew Sylvia

Editor/Publisher, Westford Template


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