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Galvin Announces Endorsement From Anti-Gas Tax PAC


The following announcement was provided by the Dennis Galvin for State Rep campaign. To submit your own announcement, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com

Marty Lamb, Chairman of the TankTheGasTax.Net PAC, has announced its endorsement of Dennis Galvin for State Representative in the Second Middlesex District.

Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against the gas tax during an event in Lowell
Dennis Galvin (R-Westford) speaks against the gas tax during an event in Lowell

“No tax should automatically increase. If taxes are to go up, then there needs to be a vote of the legislature. Our organization is against linking taxes to inflation. We are opposed to taxation without representation,” said Lamb. “We are endorsing Dennis Galvin due to his commitment to stop automatic tax increases. Dennis will not abdicate his responsibility to the consumer price index.”

Lamb continued, “As the next State Representative, Dennis Galvin will have the backbone to stand up consistently for the taxpayers. Dennis knows that our state has a management problem, not a revenue problem. The state has a $1.2 billion surplus. There is also over $2 billion of waste within our state government. Allowing the state to collect more and more money through automatic tax hikes is a recipe for more waste. The taxpayers deserve better. We know that we can rely on Dennis Galvin to be a fiscal watchdog.”

“I am very happy to receive the endorsement of TankTheGasTax.Net PAC,” stated Galvin. “This organization has labored tirelessly to represent the interest of the average tax payer on this very critical issue. I fully support their efforts to repeal automatic tax increases on gasoline and I enthusiastically accept their support for my campaign.”
For more information on TankTheGasTax.Net PAC visit TankTheGasTax.net .

For more information about candidate Dennis Galvin, visit: www.galvin4staterep.com .



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