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Gubernatorial Candidate Addresses Westford Business Leaders


With time running out until Election Day, gubernatorial candidate Evan Falchuk came to Westford last week speaking to local business leaders.

Evan Falchuk
Evan Falchuk

Talking to the Westford Rotary Club along with his running mate, former Westford Director of Land Use Planning Angus Jennings, Falchuk told the crowd about his new party, the United Independent Party.

“I decided to run for governor and found the new United Independent Party in Massachusetts because I’m a voter,” said Falchuk. “I’m a voter who saw what was going on in our political process and said this is something that isn’t representing people, it’s representing something else that I don’t know what it is, and it’s never going to change unless someone creates a framework to make it change.”

The talk came on the heels of the announcement that he and two other candidates had been disinvited from an NECN debate for what he said was no explained reason.

He also noted low voter turnout in primaries for the two major parties as in a list of reasons why most Masachusetts voters are not enrolled in either major party and most feel disenfranchised.

“As we travel across the state we hear people say ‘the government doesn’t represent me, I think the system is rigged in some way,’ and of course I understand that,” he said. “Because when you do the math, of course the system is rigged when only a small number of people vote and only a small number of people run and when they do run, they get to stay as long as they want to. So, of course the system isn’t working right.”

If Falchuk and Jennings can obtain 3 percent of the total vote in the Nov. 4 election, the United Independent Party would qualify as an official political party under state law, giving them greater access to campaign contributions and easier access to place candidates on the ballot.

More information on Falchuk is available at http://www.falchuk2014.org.

Disclosure: The Westford Template is a member organization of the Westford Rotary Club.




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