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LETTER: Choice for State Representative?


The following letter to the editor was submitted by Steve Sadowski. To submit your own letter, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com

I’ve been enjoying the Letters to the Editor on the Westford Template this election cycle as many voice their opinions for who would make for a better State Representative: Jim Arciero, or Dennis Galvin. Sorry to be the bearer of pragmatic news but this particular race doesn’t really matter.


Both men are good guys. Both men cut their teeth politically here in 2nd Middlesex County and both have solid resumes.   Both are family men who like Kimball’s, puppies and all the local teams. Both are going to roll up their sleeves, put their thinking caps (emblazoned with a “B” of course) on and work hard for you, the taxpayer. Both are going to go to Beacon hill to fight for you and not allow the leadership to push them around. I know these things because I’ve received their mailers, and mailers don’t lie, especially the glossy ones.


Whether Dennis or Jim gets elected both men are going to go face these truths:


Next year’s budget will carry a deficit from the previous year. Closing that gap will require political collateral neither man has, and/nor neither man wants to spend. That’s how one gets (re)–elected, you see, by bringing home the bacon. With 159 other state representatives also bringing home bacon, when do we finally pay the breakfast bill? The answer is: never.


We will continue to have a pension and Medicare funding crisis. Do you know why? Did I mention how people get elected?


Massachusetts is dominated by statists who have abdicated our 10th Amendment Rights to the Federal Government and will allow either Common Core or PARCC to insure that unionized teachers and concerned parents alike hate teaching our kids how to add 235 + 286 in a way that takes both sides of the paper and ten minutes.


We will become less free as more cameras become installed, as more land is taken through eminent domain, or conservation restrictions, as more needless laws are passed, as the police become more militarized, as more things are banned and more regulations enacted.  We are doomed to be ruled by either the nanny party or the chaperone party as busybody people find something to be offended by daily. (Oh, and in case I don’t see you…Merry Christmas.)


We will continue to have a political duopoly that will censor any viable 3rd party candidates, saddling them with stricter electoral requirements while both Democrats and Republicans outspend them in spades with money from national organizations leaving every Massachusetts voter with no real choices.


So flip a coin, and I look forward to the same endorsement letters next election.



Steve Sadowski

Westford, MA


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