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LETTER: Negative Campaigning Is Not Helpful, But Arciero Is


The following letter was submitted by Emily Teller. To submit your own letter, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@gmail.com

Negative campaigning is not helpful, nor is it informative to the voters.  It slants “bits” of so-called “information” taken out of context to imply damaging actions taken so that voters are encouraged to vote against a candidate, rather than giving their

positive support by electing a person who has, truthfully, listened to their constituents in face-to-face meetings and conversations and honorably worked (and created legislative action) to better the lives of everyone in his hometown and wider district.

An organization that targeted 20 incumbent Massachusetts legislators simply because they belong to the opposing party by creating misleading, graphic vs. informative mailings to “postal customers”, does not deserve either a voter’s time nor serious consideration.

Westford, Chelmsford and Littleton’s State Representative Jim Arciero speaks for himself to his constituents – daily.  He knows and respects the residents of his district by talking in person with them, and has proven over the past 6 years that he can solve individual problems and bring the resources of state government to members of the community in these 3 towns – fiscal, legislative, and humane resources.

He honorably does not accept any political action committees’ contributions that would beholden his votes to a group rather than on behalf of the best interests of his constituents.  I have known Jim Arciero since he was an aide to both Geoff Hall and Sen. Panagiotakos and know that he will continue to support Westford, Littleton and Chelmsford as our member of the House of Representatives. On Election Day, please cast a positive and optimistic vote in support of Jim Arciero.


Emily Teller



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