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LETTER: Reform, Revitalize, and Restore with Dennis Galvin


The following letter was submitted by Bill Ryan. To submit your own letter, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com

Dennis Galvin is running for State Representative of the 2nd Middlesex District.  A Republican in a notoriously blue state, he faces a daunting challenge.  Although considered a political underdog, he has extraordinary credentials that make him a strong candidate (see galvin4staterep.com).  Dennis Galvin pledges to “Reform, Revitalize, and Restore:” Reform the corrupt state government, Revitalize the economy, and Restore the peoples’ confidence in their leaders.

Galvin shares my concern that the state budget has swelled by about $8 billion in the last six years, and doesn’t show much sign of slowing down.  This money comes from you and me:  the state sales tax has increased, a meal tax was imposed, an “innovation tax” was attempted – all this in the midst of a recession and significant unemployment.

Galvin knows the Massachusetts House and Senate are preoccupied with taking care of those who support the single-party system, a quid pro quo where the citizens are funding the rewards the politicians grant each other.  Electing Galvin will be a check against what has become an entrenched one-party machine on Beacon Hill that caters to special interests, and which has found itself in a tailspin over the repeated failures within DCF, the illegal activity within the probation department, and various other scandals.  We need politicians in the State House who are not beholden to people within this single-party system so that this culture no longer proliferates.

This statement by Dennis Galvin summarizes what the Commonwealth needs:

“We need leaders on Beacon Hill, not followers. We need representation that will vigorously advocate for the needs and concerns of the district, but is also independent enough to step outside the status quo, to help build new coalitions to address the problems we face.”

Dennis Galvin is the person we need as State Representative.  He will represent the citizens of this great Commonwealth, not the agenda of any one political party.

Bill Ryan

93 Stony Brook Road



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