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LETTER: Vote for Your Senator on November 4


The following is a letter to the editor from Cori Ryan. To submit your own letter, e-mail the editor at andrewsylvia@westfordtemplate.com

Many are surprised when I mention an election for our State Senator will occur next week on November 4th. Did you know Ed Markey is running for reelection? Surprise! Lucky for us, we have a great candidate who is running against Markey named Brian Herr. If you are not happy with what is happening in Washington, please consider Brian Herr (facebook.com/brianherr).
HERRHerr is a fiscal conservative who is open-minded on social issues and will represent the diversity of interests of the citizens of our Commonwealth.  Like myself, he is anti-casino, which contrasts him with his opponent Ed Markey who favors casinos in Massachusetts.  In only a few days we will elect the person who will represent us for the next 6 years.  This is an important vote.
Herr has focused his campaign on important topics including research and development of alternate energy methods and federal funding for medical research. I know he will stand behind this campaign promise because Herr raised over $250,000 over 25 years for the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge, a testament to his commitment.
As a volunteer at a local hospital I saw Mass Health work. Mass Health was superior to the current implementation of Obamacare. Although the other candidate, Markey, considers Obamacare his ”proudest vote”, the federal government needs to learn from Massachusetts on how to do this right, and I believe only Herr will carry that message. Massachusetts was better served by Mass Health and will be better served by Brian Herr.
I hope that on November 4th we can thank Markey for serving as interim Senator of Kerry’s vacated seat and welcome in new blood to represent us. If you think the federal government has failed to do an outstanding job, join me on November 4th and as Brian’s little daughter says:… ”Don’t vote for him, vote for Herr!”
for more info visit: facebook.com/brianherr


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