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School Committee Talks Kindergarten, Teacher Salaries, Fingerprinting and More


Here are links to our five part recap of the Oct. 6, 2014 Westford School Committee meeting. For video of the meeting, head to westfordcat.org

Kindergarten Citizens’ Committee Reports on Progress

The new citizens’ committee on full-day kindergarten provided detailed updates on their progress as well as reports on next steps.

Fingerprinting For School Trips Discussed

A new policy requiring parents to be fingerprinted has drawn confusion, although the general consensus appears to be that it is worth the effort for the sake of safety.

New Form Of Report Card Introduced

Some Westford students can no longer get “As” on their report card in Language Arts and Math as some grades are experimenting with a new system that judges progress made and goals to be met.

School Committee Concerned Over “Rainy Day” Fund

An analysis of the FY’ 14 school budget showed a $250,000 surplus, but also concerns moving forward regarding the “rainy day” fund for special education, also known as circuit breaker funding.

Work Must Still Be Done Regarding Westford Teacher Salaries

Westford’s teachers have been found to be making much less than their peers in nearby towns, a situation that School Committee chairman Tom Clay says puts the town at a competitive disadvantage.

Currently, a plan is in place to provide teachers the average 2014 salaries of comparable nearby towns by 2017, although this was seen as not enough.


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