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Thoughts Of A Possible New Fire Station Dominated Selectmen’s Meeting


Here are links to our three part recap of the Sept. 30, 2014 Board of Selectmen meeting.

Full video is available on Westford CAT.

Selectmen Hear From Fire Department Location Experts

The Permanent Town Building Committee has hired consultants to determine what the best places in town would be for a replacement for the Central Fire Station as well as a possible fourth fire station.

Central Fire Station
Central Fire Station

Selectmen Recommend Five Of Seven Warrant Articles, Two Left Pending

There’s a new sidewalk coming to Littleton Road near Nashoba Tech. The Selectmen also recommended most of the warrant articles coming to Town Meeting on Oct. 20 and grudgingly accepted a change in hours for a few liquor stores.

Rosses Debate Over Feasibility of New Fire Station In 2015

The end of the meeting held reports from Town Manager Jodi Ross and a set of goals she has recommended for the upcoming year.

Selectman Kelly Ross believes that it is imperative to solve the issue of a fire station replacement, but Jodi Ross indicated she could not guarantee it would be done in 2015, although she’d try her best.


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