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Reed’s Deli Seeks To Build, Expand Upon Metropolitan Deli Experience


It’s easy to miss when driving down Route 110: the Metropolitan Deli. It’s been there for years. Over the past few months though, things have been changing. The Metropolitan is still there, and the deli is still there, but the Metropolitan Deli itself has been replaced with something both new and familiar.

Earlier this year, Carlisle resident Reed Richards decided to begin renting the upstairs portion from Metropolitan owner Joe Motzi so he could open his own deli called “Reed’s Deli.”

While the Metropolitan still exists downstairs as a catering service, the new Reed’s Deli continues to serve many of the familiar New York-style delicatessen dishes while also beginning to branch out their offerings.

Richards originally hails from the New York City area and grew up with the vast variety of delis nearby, eventually becoming an assistant manager at a restaurant in Rhode Island while attending college.

However, he ended up getting into the printing business for large advertising firms for over two decades, gaining a wealth of business acumen along the way and moving to Massachusetts in 1996.

Late last year, Richards wanted to take his experience running a business and combine it with his love of food. That’s when he found the Metropolitan Deli was being sold.

“I was semi-retired and wanted to keep myself busy since I was too young to retire,” he says. “I figured it was better to find an existing business rather than build from the ground up.”

Richards sees many similarities between his printing business and the world of food, but there have also been some differences.

“After being in corporate America for 25 years, this to me is a nice relief since it’s much more laid back and casual,” says Richards. “We’re just trying to run a kitchen and serve the best product.”

Reed Richards
Reed Richards

While the main deli items are still on the menu, Richards has also introduced cooked items like hamburgers and chicken tenders and a breakfast menu, with other smaller items such as granola bars expected to be available soon.

More information on Reed’s Deli is available at reedsdeli.com