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Alleged Scam Artist On Russell’s Way Was Actually Just A Nurse


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The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. Anyone arrested is assumed innocent unless proven guilty by a court of law.

21Jul14 Westford Police LogoNov. 30, 4:00 p.m. – Police were dispatched after reports of a dog off its leash in a yard along Stony Brook Road.

Upon arrival, an officer saw a woman walking a black poodle unrelated to the call and eventually heard another woman yell that she could see a black and white dog several houses away.

The dog was found near the corner of Stony Brook Road and Grey Fox Lane in a backyard, quickly running into some brush.

The second woman was able to identify the dog and knew the dog’s owner, who was then contacted by the officer.

According to police reports, the owner said the dog had a tendency to run away, but always returned around dinner time. She said she would ensure the dog did not escape in the future.

Dec. 1, 12:07 p.m. – Dispatch advised an officer to head to Mill City Auto Body on Oak Hill Road for reports of a past fight.

An employee at the shop indicated that the fight had been between a father-in-law and his son-in-law.

There was no indication in the report what the fight was about, although he noted that a customer must have called as the fight was not significant.

An off-duty police officer who was picking up his car said that he saw two people pushing and shoving each other, with one of them in a headlock.

Upon identifying himself as an off-duty police officer, the fight immediately ended.

No injuries were reported.

Dec. 1, 2:51 p.m. – While driving, an officer heard from dispatch that a car drove off Depot Street.

The officer arrived at the scene and discovered an elderly man who had allegedly drifted off the road while heading south on the road.

At first, he drifted into the northbound lane before veering into a snow embankment.

The elderly man had no apparent medical condition, but told the officer he was not sure what happened and was scared that he did not know what happened.

The officer and another officer who arrived on the scene talked to witnesses who said the car immediately stopped after coming back into the correct lane, at which point it skidded into the snow bank.

They also said the elderly man almost hit another car.

The second witness was driving behind the elderly man and stopped to see if he was okay. She said he appeared visibly upset.

The elderly man refused medical treatment. There was minor damage to his car. He was issued a citation.

Dec. 2, 8:46 a.m. – An employee with a senior services assistance organization called the police after a neighbor on Russell’s Way believed their organization was a scam.

According to the employee, he was a nurse and was there to check on an elderly person in the house. He said he had permission to check on this person.

The officer confirmed the identity of the employee and waited at the home until the employee completed her tasks.

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