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LETTER: Asphalt Plant Would Change The Character Of Westford


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The following is a letter to the editor from Steve Piec sent on March 17. All opinions expressed in letters to the editor do not necessarily express or not express the opinions of Westford Community Access Television. To send your own letter to the editor, e-mail asylvia@westfordcat.org

I have lived in the Nabnassett area of Westford for the last 35 years and have seen the changes on Route 40.

At one time you could drive from Route 3 to Oak Hill Road and not spot a single business with the exception of Fletcher`s Quarry.

(WT) Letters to the Editor IconYes, things have changed with the net result being a local hardware store, a market, a bank and several child care facilities.

In common-sense terms, why would anyone want to disrupt this local character with an asphalt plant?

This is Westford, where the town is recognized for the excellence its brings to the residents. Please do not let the Town get tarnished with an industry that is not light industry but more of a heavy industry with more truck traffic (trucks make lots of noise) and the exposure of unknown particles  generated into the air.

The consultants who have modeled all the sound and particle projections are basing outcomes from other communities that have a similar facility and truck traffic. Has anyone driven through those areas where these plants are located? Is it quiet? Is it pleasing to the eye? Would you like to spend an afternoon having lunch overlooking the traffic and the plants?

Back in 1980 there was this fellow named Fletcher who wanted to install a hazardous waste storage facility on the same site. It was going to be constructed by a company called IT from California.  Well, all the Westford residents fought against this and IT went back to California and Fletcher sold out.

Maybe that time is now again!

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