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Selectmen Now Have One Meeting Left Before Town Meeting


Here’s our four part recap from the Westford Board of Selectmen meeting for March 3, 2015. You can watch the full video at westfordcat.org

ABCC/BOS Clash Over Evviva Cucina Fine Reaches Conclusion

The meeting began with a look at a dangerous intersection and the end of a multi-month showdown between the Selectmen and the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission over a fine.

Settlement Reached On Sale Of Surplus Graniteville Fire Station

The long abandoned Graniteville Fire Station will go to the Perron family. There was also funding to help bring back a recently retired town employee in a consulting capacity.

Who Will Decide The Fate Of 12 North Main?

A derlict mill in Graniteville has spawned a task force after promises of grant money from the state, but there was a debate over whether its fate would be decided by the Selectmen, the Tax Possession Sales Committee or one of the two with the permission of Town Meeting voters.

Government Transparency Versus Infrastructure Limitations Discussed For Town’s 62 Boards

A citizen’s petition is requesting specific webpages on the town website, more minutes and additional information from lesser known town boards, with Town Manager Jodi Ross stating that the town is already meeting public right to know requirements and it would be unwieldy to provide staff for every board in town government.


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