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Quick Recap of the 2015 Annual Town Meeting


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If you can’t make it to Town Meeting at the Abbot School, you can still watch it on WestfordCAT!

It will be live online at Westfordcat.org and on television for Westford’s cable subscribers (Comcast ch. 8,9 and 99 Verizon ch. 33, 34 and 35.)

For an overview of the Town Meeting from Moderator Ellen Harde, click here.

We’ll update this results table as the meeting progresses and we’ll also have a live blog right here on westfordcatnews.org

Article Title Start Time End Time Result
1 Accept Town Reports  10:06 a.m. 10:09 a.m.  Approved unanimously
2 Approve Unpaid Bills From Previous Fiscal Years  10:10 a.m.  10:11 a.m.  Approved unanimously
3 Approve Fiscal Year 2015 Supplemental Appropriations  10:11 a.m.  10:16 a.m.  Approved
4 Approve Fiscal Year 2015 Budget Transfers  10:16 a.m.  10:16 a.m.  Approved unanimously
5 Appropriate for Perchlorate Expenses  10:17 a.m.  10:19 a.m.  Approved unanimously
6 Approve Capital Appropriations  10:20 a.m.  10:53 a.m.  Approved
7 Appropriate Funding to Design and Construct a Combined Police and Fire Dispatch Center at the Police Training Room  10:54 a.m.  11:20 a.m.  Approved
8 Authorize the Transfer of a Parcel Located on Boston Road and Appropriate Funding to Design and Construct a New Center Fire Station on Boston Road  11:20 a.m.  12:40 p.m.  Approved, as amended
9 Authorize Clare Circle Improvements/Betterments  1:44 p.m.  1:46 p.m.  Approved unanimously
10 Authorize Transfer of Parcels Located at 12 North Main Street From The Tax Possession Sales Committee to the Board of Selectmen, Authorize the Disposition of the Parcels Under the Terms and Conditions Determined by the Board of Selctmen and Appropriate Funds for Environmental Insurance  1:46 p.m./2:12 p.m. (post-table)  2:10 p.m./2:24 p.m. (post-table)  Approved
11 Approve Community Preservation Committee Recommendations  2:24 p.m.  2:42 p.m.  Approved
12 Amend the Wage and Classification Plan (Deputy Fire Chief  2:10 p.m.  2:12 p.m.  Approved
13 Authorize Revolving Funds  2:42 p.m.  2:46 p.m.  Approved
14 Approve Fiscal Year 2016 Operating Budget  2:46 p.m.  3:16 p.m.  Approved with amendment
15 Appropriate Chapter 90 Local Transportation Funds for Roadway Maintenance  10:10 a.m.  10:11 a.m.  Approved unanimously
16 Appropriate Funds from Water Enterprise Other Post Employment Benefits Stabilization Fund  3:16 p.m.  3:16 p.m.  Approved unanimously
17 Accept MGL Ch. 73 S. 4 of the Acts of 1986 As Amended by Chapter 126 of the Acts of 1988 Related to Property Tax Exemption of 100% for the Blind, Elderly and Disabled Veterans  10:10 a.m.  10:11 a.m.  Approved unanimously
18 Accept the Provisions of MGL Chapter 40 Section 8J to Create a Disability Commission  3:17 p.m.  3:21 p.m.  Approved unanimously
19 Authorization Board of Selectmen to Initiate a Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program for Residents and Businesses  3:21 p.m.  3:27 p.m.  Approved unanimously
20 Authorize Board of Selectmen to Lease Former Landfill Site for a Solar Project  3:27 p.m.  4:04 p.m.  Dismissed, not unanimously. Resolution to revisit the issue
21 Accept the provisions of MGL Ch. 71 Sec. 71F to Establish a Revolving Fund for Tuition Payments from Non-Resident Students  4:04 p.m.  4:05 p.m.  Approved
22 Accept the provisions of MGL Ch. 200A S. 9A – Disposition of Abandoned Property Including Unclaimed Checks  4:05 p.m.  4:05 p.m.  Approved
23 Authorize Board of Selectmen to Accept Easements  10:10 a.m.  10:11 a.m.  Approved unanimously
24 Promotion and Support of Affordable Housing Initiatives  4:06 p.m.  4:26 p.m.  Defeated
25 More Openness and Transparency in Local Government  4:26 p.m.  4:27 p.m.  Dismissed unanimously
26 Accept Rome Drive Extension as Public Way  10:10 a.m.  10:11 a.m.  Approved unanimously
27 Authorize the Board of Selectmen to Dispose of the Former Graniteville Fire Substation Located at 54 Broadway  4:28 p.m.  4:30 p.m.  Approved
28 Transfer Custody of Six Parcels Containing Storm Water Facilities on Rome Drive, Gifford Drive, Tyngsborough Road, Randolph Circle, and Pine Tree Trail from the Tax Possession Sales committee to the Board of Selectmen  4:30 p.m.  4:32 p.m.  Approved unanimously

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