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Signups Underway For New Community Gardens


With each day the weather is getting warmer bit by bit, and soon planting will begin at Westford’s new community gardens, which recently received funding at Town Meeting.

The new community gardens will be located on the Day Parcel, a piece of land on Graniteville Road just south of Coldspring Road. It will be managed by members of the Westford Agricultural Commission.

Applications for farming at the garden are open to all residents and will be accepted up until May 15. Those applications and additional information is available on the community gardens page at the town website.

For more beyond that, check out WestfordCAT News’ talk with Agricultural Commission Chairwoman Elizabeth Almeida a few months back (click here, it’s at the 2:20 mark) or check out Town Manager Jodi Ross’ interview with Almeida as part of her latest Town Manager’s update.

We’ve embedded it here, and you can also watch it as part of the latest WestfordCAT News Show at westfordcat.org or on your TV here in town (Verizon channel #8, Comcast channel #35)


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