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Fake IRS Agent Threatens Teacher, Westford Police Officer Over Phone


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The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department. 

April 20, 2:10 p.m. – A teacher asked for advice from police after receiving a call from a man with a heavy Middle Eastern accent saying he was an agent with the IRS.

The man with the accent said that the teacher filed her taxes incorrectly for several years and owed $3,866. He also said if $1,000 was not paid immediately, an arrest warrant would be issued and the IRS would seize her property.

She said she did not have that money, but the man said to call her back at a specific number.

At this point, the teacher contacted Westford Police, who told her the IRS does not act in such a manner.

An officer called the alleged agent, who called himself “Michael Smith.”  When questioned, “Smith” tried to tell the officer that he owed tax money and he would be arrested if he did not pay up, using profanity.

Eventually Smith hung up out of frustration. It was believed that he may have been calling from overseas.

21Jul14 Westford Police LogoApril 21, 7:23 a.m. – One person on Line Road called the police for legal advice.

This person said she was a nurse and was confronted by her former boss on the street. She said the boss was agitated and threatened to go to the Attorney General’s Office after she allegedly took patients with her when she left for a new employer.

The nurse said a few other nurses at the old company came with her, and it is common practice for patients to stay with visiting nurses if they switch companies.

She was advised on the no trespassing process as well as the harassment prevention order process and was told not to hesitate in calling police if there were any further incidents.

April 21, 7:04 p.m. – Someone called the Fire Department stating they heard someone screaming on Milot Road, with the Fire Department requesting further investigation.

Several police officers and firefighters arrived on a trail near some train tracks and the fire station near Milot Road discovering an intoxicated man yelling.

The allegedly intoxicated man said he had not been yelling or screaming and had not heard anyone yelling or screaming.

While the man was steady on his feet, according to reports his eyes were glassy and bloodshot.

He told officers that he had consumed “one or two” drinks earlier in the evening.

Officers asked if anyone could bring him home, and the man said his wife could bring him home.  However, an officer advised that it would be best to transport the man to his residence.

Prior to transporting the man, he was searched, but the man became agitated, swearing at police and being upset that he could not take a walk.

The man was told he was not being arrested, and that this was a safety precaution.

In response, the man said it would be embarrassing to arrive home in a police cruiser. Officers said that the man could be placed in protective custody instead if he wished. The man said he would “contact his lawyer” if that occurred.

The man was brought home and his wife thanked the officers, stating he had not been home all day and was unsure of his whereabouts.

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