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Letter: Five Reasons Why Westford Needs An Asphalt Plant


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The following satirical letter to the editor was submitted by Wendy Walsh. Letters to the editor do not necessarily reflect the opinions of WestfordCAT or its members. To submit your own letter, e-mail asylvia@westfordcat.org

  1. We want more Chemicals in the air we breathe!

Asphalt plants’ air pollutants:

  • Formaldehyde, hexane, phenol, polycyclic organic matter, and toluene. [1]

Exposure to these air toxins:

  • May cause cancer, central nervous system problems, liver damage, respiratory problems, skin irritation, and coughing, wheezing or shortness of breath, severe irritation of the skin, headaches, dizziness, and nausea.


  1. We want to share those wonderful chemicals with our children!
  • Miller School is less than a mile from the proposed asphalt plant.
  • Nab is less than two miles.


  1. Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” is not a list Westford wants to be on!

An asphalt plant will ensure that we will never make a top town list again! Perhaps after getting an asphalt plant we will even make it on a “Worst Places To live” list!


  1. We want our home values to be as low as possible!

We don’t want to be like Carlisle, Wellesley, and Lexington (which don’t have asphalt plants); we’d rather be like Saugus, Peabody, and Pittsfield (which do have asphalt plants). All towns with an asphalt plant have lower house values than Westford does. If we want to have lower property values, we need an asphalt plant too!


  1. Trucks, Trucks, and More Trucks!

Wouldn’t it be great to have hundreds of trucks crawling down route 40? The asphalt plant will ensure that you’ll always be late! As a bonus, we’ll get even more chemicals from the diesel exhaust!


Protest With Your Presence

Attendance is Necessary

Bring A Sign

Blanchard School

14 West Street, Westford

Wednesday May, 6th @ 7:00pm

[1] http://www.bredl.org/pdf/BeSafe_Asphalt.pdf


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