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Father Scolds Children At Kimball Farm, Onlooker Notifies Police


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The following information was provided by the Westford Police Department.

June 26, 3:20 p.m.­– An officer was dispatched to the lobby for a report of fraud.  A woman reported that she had responded to an ad on Craigslist regarding renting a home in Cape Cod from July 4 through July 11.

She had deposited a personal check for the amount of $1,800 into an account that the individual on Craigslist gave her as a security deposit.

Since then she has not heard anything from the individual and they were not replying to any of her emails.

Later the woman emailed the officer with the information regarding her Craigslist transaction, including an address out of Pittsfield.

The officer then contacted Pittsfield Police Department, who provided the contact information for the address.

After making contact through telephone with the woman at the address, she reported that she does not rent property and did not have an ad on Craigslist.

About a week earlier she had closed an account with Bank of America after observing unauthorized transfers of money and unknown deposits into her account.

She also stated that Bank of America was in the process of investigating the fraudulent activities, a claim they later confirmed.

Her neighbor had opened the account for her and had access to her social security number, bank account information and address because they lived in the same complex.

Westford Police advised her to file an identity theft report with police in Pittsfield and then made contact with the neighbor.

The neighbor was very standoff-ish when speaking to the officer ad would not directly answer his questions.  She denied having an ad on Craigslist, claiming her account had expired long before.

Days later, the officer called Pittsfield Police Department to inquire whether the first woman had reported the ID theft.  No records were found regarding such a report.

June 24, 4:01 p.m. – An individual arrived at the Westford Police Department’s station lobby to report a father scolding his children at Kimball Farm.

The event occurred earlier in the day; he believed that the father scolded his children too harshly after they asked for something at Kimball’s that the father did not want to provide.

According to the report, the father did not engage in any physical harm to the children.

There were two or three children, approximately eight to 10 years old. The man was in his late 20s, and approximately 200 pounds.

The officer talking to the individual advised to report any incidents immediately in the future to improve the probability of locating the parties involved.

June 24, 11:35 a.m. – A resident on an undisclosed street was concerned about her neighbor calling the town about her fence because it was leaning.

The resident had already called a handyman and was waiting for him to solve the problem, which occurs every winter after snow accumulation pushes against the fence.

However, she was concerned that the fence would cause conflict in the meantime and that the neighbor has no right to complain about the fence.

Officers advised the resident to call the police at any time if the neighbor becomes hostile and issuing a civil complaint if no criminal activity is seen by the neighbor.

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