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Roudenbush Set To Dedicate A Pair Of Playgrounds


RoudenbushThe Roudenbush Community Center has announced it will be dedicating playgrounds in honor of two Roudenbush icons early next month.

On May 5, the playground outside of the Old Nab Roudenbush facility on Plain Road will be dedicated to Liz Mayer, teacher and preschool director for over 10 years at Roudenbush.

Outside of the main Roudenbush building at 65 Main St., the playground will be dedicated to Patti Mason, this year’s Roudenbush Person of the Year and Roudenbush Executive Director for over 20 years.

The dedication for Mayer will take place at 10, followed by the Mason dedication on Main Street. A reception will be held inside 65 Main St. at the Avis Art Gallery.