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VIDEO: ‘Main Street’ Tackles Opioid Crisis; Ongoing Series


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Why do people turn to opiates or other addictive substances?

On her talk show, “Main Street,” WestfordCAT News Director Joyce Pellino Crane gets the answer from recovering heroin addict Matt O’Malley. (Scroll past the video to continue reading.)

This show on substance addiction is part of an ongoing series designed to raise awareness about the opioid crisis.

Crane also interviews Boots on the Ground founders Dawn Trask and Ryan Troy Tripp about their 24/7 rescue operation providing support and assistance to addicts at desperate moments.

Ray Peachey, Westford’s substance abuse prevention coordinator, is also on the set and educates on how to discard  opiates safely using a specially designed bag for dissolving the drugs. The bags are available at the Health Department where Peachey is based.

Boots on the Ground is a non profit organization that provides free real time recovery resources and placement at support centers.