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VIDEOS: Staff Picks for August 27th, 2018


WestfordCAT staff and volunteers spend a lot of time making their own videos, but rarely get the chance to share videos they like, but didn’t make, with the community. Here’s an opportunity to check out a curated list of videos that they think are worth watching.

Joyce’s Pick – Danielle McLean on Al Jazeera

Investigative reporter for Think Progress, Danielle McLean, decries President Trump’s attack on the media. Representing the Society of Professional Journalists, McLean says that by having the leader of the free world denigrate journalists, democracy is endangered.

Nick’s Pick – 2016 Bathurst 1000

Combining two of my favorite things; Motorsport and TV Production, this video shows how one of Australia’s largest and most prestigious motorsport events is broadcast and switched via the TV Truck. The Bathurst 1000 is a hallmark event on Australia’s V8 Supercar Calendar, and this video showing the World Broadcast Feed and a behind the scenes look inside the Channel 7 (Australia) TV Truck exemplifies perfectly the controlled chaos that goes into making “The Great Race” worth the watch!

Sarah’s Pick – Brief But Spectacular: Flossie Lewis

It’s PBS – so the quality is great: story, videography, editing…

Steve’s Pick – Only in Monroe

Shortly before taking over The Late Show in 2015, Stephen Colbert hosted an episode of “Only in Monroe,” a public access talk show created in Monroe, Michigan. It’s a perfect example of what public access stations are capable of with a talented, well-coordinated crew, and it’s also a refreshing look at the less political side of Colbert’s humor.