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Edwards Beach Summer Campers Learn Back to School Safety


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State Rep. James Arciero recently attended a Back to School Safety program presented by Middlesex County District Attorney Marian Ryan.  The school safety program  included age appropriate games and interactive activities for the summer campers at Edwards Beach.

The Back to School Safety program is a multi-subject program dealing with dangers related to water, fireworks, cars, bicycles, and windows. As part of the program, Ryan hosted a game called “Summer Safety Jeopardy,” where the campers are invited to answer questions posed about dangerous situations.  At the end of the program, Ryan asked each camper to be a Safety Ambassador to their siblings, friends and fellow students by sharing the information they learned.

The Edwards Beach Summer Camp program is operated by the Westford Recreation Department and offers children an opportunity to enjoy games, fishing, beach volleyball, arts & crafts, free play at the Ronan McElligott Playground and access to Edwards Beach each summer.

In addition to remarks by Arciero, Lt. Don Parsons of the Westford Fire Department also spoke to the children about safety matters and steps they could take both in and out of school to remain safe.