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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kathy Lynch is a Defender of Freedom


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I am concerned that our constitutional liberties are being threatened.  Shamefully, freedom of speech is under attack by students and administrators at some colleges and universities. The right to bear arms is routinely targeted by activists who want to eliminate it as a constitutional right. People with strong religious beliefs are increasingly the focus of ridicule from the press.   Some liberals want to water down voting rights by allowing non-citizens to vote in our elections. And legitimate attempts to protect our national borders and enforce our immigration laws and policies are labeled racist and anti-family, and they call for the total abolishment of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Our freedoms are under attack, and the best protections we possess as American citizens are the rights documented in the first 10 amendments to our Constitution — the Bill of Rights. There are many who want to weaken or eliminate those protections and, in my mind, that makes them a direct threat to my freedoms. Kathy Lynch is a strong defender of the US Constitution and all of the Bill of Rights. She can be relied upon to be a voice in defense of the liberties that they enumerate, and I’m voting for Kathy Lynch because I oppose extremists that want to roll back my freedoms. Please join me in voting for Kathy Lynch on election day. — Jim Gozzo, Westford, MA