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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lynch Will Address Opioid Epidemic


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Massachusetts has experienced close to 2000 deaths each year for the past three years due to opioid abuse.  Had it not been for Governor Charlie Baker’s leadership, our Legislature would have done nothing to address it.  As it is, they continue to drag their feet on instituting measures to address this catastrophe. They have reduced penalties for serious drug offences. They have eliminated the 1000 foot zone protecting schools from drug dealing. They hesitated in raising penalties for heroin traffickers, and some are now calling for the implementation of “safe injection sites,” which will be required in every city and town, effectively making addictive drug use legal.

This is the wrong direction.  Kathy Lynch is running for state representative. If elected she can be counted on to support Governor Baker in his efforts to institute involuntary treatment for addicts. She will support the prescription monitoring programs put in place by the Governor and will ensure that it is adhered to. As a mother of two children, she will insist upon educational programs to inform our children about the dangers of opioid use, and to train them to resist its abuse.  She will ensure that effective treatment is provided to those suffering from addiction. The opioid crisis calls for strong courageous leadership representing our district on Beacon Hill. Kathy Lynch can provide that leadership, which is why I am voting for her. –Dennis Galvin, Westford, MA