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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Lynch is Worth Considering


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I am voting for Kathy Lynch because I want a state representative, who will be interested and responsive to the needs of our community.  I have seen first-hand how Kathy Lynch goes door-to-door and asks for my vote. She listens to my concerns and explains her views on the issues clearly, honestly and respectfully. It was obvious from my first-hand experience that she cares about our country and district. She really wants to do the right thing.
In today’s climate of acrimonious politics, anyone who is willing to listen to me and ask me what I think about how my government is working, demonstrates a concern that I have not seen from any other politicians.  Kathy obviously possess the courage, the confidence, and the intelligence to be an effective representative.
I am not happy with the way government business is done in Massachusetts.  It is too secretive, too vulnerable to special interest, and it seems to serve those in power rather than the people.  The way the asphalt plant issue in Westford was handled is a good example.  I am through with business as usual. It is time for a change and I think that Kathy Lynch offers some exciting possibilities. That is why I am voting for her on Nov. 6 . — Will Lee, Chelmsford, MA
Editor’s note: The Second Middlesex District state Representative position covers Precincts 5, 7, and 8 in Chelmsford.

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