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PCA: “Dialogues with Nature – Returning to Our Roots” on Display This Month.


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The Artists of the Month, Judith Stein and Rozsi Adean Moser present “Dialogues with Nature – Returning to Our Roots,” a joint exhibition that captures each artist’s deep connection to and inspiration from nature. The exhibit is on display throughout November.

Stein, who works primarily in cold wax and oils, has studied with professional artists around the country to help deepen her knowledge of working with this challenging medium. To achieve the luminous quality of her paintings, she combines many layers of wax and paint that captures the beauty, tranquility, and grandeur of the places she has enjoyed both as a child and as an adult. In this exhibit, many of the paintings reflect the intricate patterns, rich textures and contrasting colors of the rocky coasts of Maine, the deserts of the Southwest, and the marshes of New England. These paintings were created with nontraditional methods using brayers, spreaders, and mark-making tools to apply or manipulate the paint rather than brushes or painting knives.

Thirty years ago, Moser moved east from the country’s heartland, and her work displays the elements of the land and sky that inspires her from her childhood, as well as the coast and mountains of New England where she lives today. For this body of work, she uses a combination of acrylic and latex paint and pours the paint directly onto the canvas. Instead of using tools such as brushes, she manipulates the paint through heat and motion. Pouring paint allows for the colors to blend and react naturally as they come into contact with each other. By using various additives, different viscosities and quality of paint, she can create tangled textures and rhythms in her paintings that mimic the complexity of our natural world. Moser said she finds the lack of absolute control with poured paint not only refreshing, but the end result can be as surprising as nature herself in forming elaborate patterns and movement in her compositions.