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VIDEO: Candidate for State Senate Shares Positions on Opioid Crisis, Healthcare Costs, Student Debt and Other Topics


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Democratic nominee for the First Middlesex District state Senate seat Edward J. Kennedy met with WestfordCAT News Director Joyce Pellino Crane on the set of Main Street.

Crane engaged Kennedy in a lightening round on hot topics, including the issue of student debt that has the potential to cripple a generation of borrowers.

“I think student debt has a substantial negative impact on the student economy,” Kennedy said. “We’re at a point now in Massachusetts — there was a recent study that was done that indicates 45 percent of peopleĀ thatĀ  have student loans now in Massachusetts, are over 45 years old.”

Kennedy said there are households with two generations of people paying off student loans, which impedes them from purchasing property and moving on with their lives. He called the burgeoning student debt a national problem and suggested that companies who hire college graduates help pay down their debt.

“It still impacts all of us, because it impacts the economy in general,” he said.

A native of Lowell, Kennedy beat a field of four other candidates to win the Democratic state primary election in September. He will face Republican John MacDonald of Lowell on Nov. 6.

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