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State Representative Appointed Vice Chairman of Joint Committee on Higher Education


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State Rep. James Arciero was recently appointed by the Massachusetts House of Representatives to serve as the Vice Chairman of the Joint Committee on Higher Education, as well as, to several other important legislative committees.

“I am honored by my selection as the new Vice Chairman of the Higher Education Committee and look forward to a very productive session over the next two years.  I have always had a strong interest in the issues effecting higher education in Massachusetts since my time as a student member of the UMASS Board of Trustees,” said Arciero, who has served as a rank and file member of this committee in past legislative sessions.

In addition to his appointment as Vice Chairman, Arciero was re-appointed to the House Ways and Means Committee, the Joint Committee on Ways and Means, the Joint Committee on Veterans and Federal Affairs and was newly appointed to the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources, and Agriculture.

“I hope as a leader of the Higher Education Committee to address the rising cost of tuition and fees faced by our students attending Massachusetts public colleges and universities.  Before my appointment, I filed several legislative bills to give some financial relief to our young adults graduating from college who are now starting their professional careers.  Specifically, I would like to see the Commonwealth implement a tax credit program for graduates, establish a student loan forgiveness program for those former students from our state who decide to remain in Massachusetts, and finally institute a program for Massachusetts employers to have an incentive through tax deductions to assist in employee student loan repayments.” said Arciero.

Another important proposal which will come before the Joint Committee on Public Education this session is the recently filed CHERISH Act, a bill seeking to invest in public higher education in Massachusetts. Cherish stands for an act Committing to Higher Education the Resources to Insure a Strong and healthy public higher education system

Arciero will also be returning to his membership on the House and Joint Ways and Means committees for a second time and to the Veterans Committee for a fourth term.

“I am happy to have a voice on the Ways and Means Committee as we fashion the state’s $42.7 billion state budget which sets the spending priorities for state government.  I am also excited to continue my efforts to assist our veterans and their families as a member of the Veterans Committee. I am looking forward to positive results in the new legislative session and want to thank Speaker Robert DeLeo for my assignments,” said Arciero.

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