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CHERYL A. MAJOR: How to Avoid Getting Old


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If you are approaching age 50 or older, this brief article will connect the dots for you, and if you are younger than 50, I hope you take careful notes.  They are coming to get you, and I want to point out three things of which you need to be aware. Awareness is key, and you can decide not to take a ticket and get in line for the whole aging thing that they lay on us.  The programming that is subtle and not so subtle to expect to be a certain way at a certain age, to complain about aches and pains, to accept without question putting on weight, becoming diabetic, losing energy and vitality etc.

The first is advertising.  Who among us doesn’t watch at least some television?  Are you aware of the advertising and the programming that goes on in the ads?  You can’t watch a rerun of anything from the 1960s without being bombarded with ads for retirement, final expenses and so on.  If retirement is your goal, good for you, but be aware that people who stop doing, learning and simply do not very much statistically don’t live very long.  Why not find a second career that you would love to experience, learn something new, make a difference instead of looking forward to doing nothing.

The second is the pharmaceutical companies.  I promise you it’s a better use of your time and money to eat well to be well than it is to try to afford the ever increasing cost of prescriptions.  Additionally, there’s the concern of the side effects created by prescription drugs.  They are not the panacea cure all they purport to be.

Here’s a suggestion for you.  The next time you see one of these drug ads, turn off the sound and just watch the facial expressions of the actors portraying the poor souls about to be saved by the drug or procedure of the minute.  The anguish that is relieved is something to behold. Next, turn on the sound and be acutely aware of the happy scene and the happy music that is playing while the announcer reads the list of side effects that may occur.  Often the side effects include possible death.  There was one treatment to reduce neck fat that could cause you to lose your ability to swallow.  I’m amazed that anyone would risk their health by taking many of these drugs and submitting to many of these procedures.

Please don’t misunderstand me.  There is a time and a place for medical treatment and drugs, but I do think we rely too readily on what we assess as being the easy way out of a situation.  This includes a medical one.  We can affect significant changes in our health and wellbeing by changing how and what we eat.  This is true regardless of age.

Third is the company you keep.  Who is in your life?  With whom do you spend time?  Are you with people who talk about being old, their aches and pains and what they can’t do anymore?  Are you surrounded by negative people who complain all the time or do you surround yourself with energetic people who have a zest for life and who look for the positive in the world around them?  I recently had to sever a long term relationship with someone; it was a hard decision, but the negativity, anger and vitriol this person projected was something I just couldn’t be around anymore.  Choose to have people in your life who challenge you to be better, bigger, more…people who help you move in a positive direction and who help you be positive in your world.

I suggest it’s in your best interest to take a look at whom and what you’re exposed to.  Take a hard, honest look.  Maybe you’re ok, and maybe it’s in the best interest of your long term youthfulness to make some changes.

This article was originally published on my site at https://thinstronghealthy.com/how-to-avoid-getting-old/

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