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Annual Town Meeting Results, March 2019


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The following are the results of Westford’s annual Town Meeting, held on March 23: [Scroll below]

Article 1 — Accept Town Reports – passed unanimously

Article 2 — That the town appropriate from free cash the sum of $689,500 in order to supplement the following operating budgets in fiscal 2019– passed unanimously:

Fire Department expenses — $14,500

Snow and ice — $400,000

Recycling expenses — $75,000

Other post employment benefits — $200,000

That the town appropriate from Recreation Enterprise retained earnings the sum of $50,000 to supplement recreation enterprise expenses and appropriate from the Ambulance Enterprise Retained Earnings the sum of $7,000 to supplement the fiscal 2019 operating budget.

Article 3 — Approve capital appropriations — all motions passed unanimously


Article 4 — Approve Community Preservation Committee recommendations — passed by a majority vote

Article 5 — Authorize revolving funds — That the town voted, pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 44, Section 53E1/2 as most recently amended by Section 86 Chapter 218 of the Acts of 2016, to establish limitations on expenditures from the revolving funds established by Chapter 138.1 of the general bylaws, entitled “Revolving funds…” — passed unanimously


Article 6 — Appropriate perchlorate expenses: That the town appropriate from free cash the sum of $53,909 to provide funds to address issues related to perchlorate contamination. — passed unanimously

Article 7 — Approve Fiscal 2020 operating budget — That the town raise and appropriate the sum of $117,945,274 for the operation and maintenance of town departments for fiscal 2019… — passed unanimously


Article 8 — Create a stormwater management enterprise fund for fiscal 2020 —Motion failed 246 to 198.

Article 9 — Approve the borrowing of $3,704,616 by the Nashoba Valley Technical High School to replace roofs, windows, and doors. — passed unanimously.

Article 10 — Appropriate excess premium from Town Hall refunding to Roudenbush rehabilitation project. — passed unanimously

Article 11 — Appropriate Chapter 90 local transportation funds for roadway maintenance. — passed unanimously

Article 12 — Appropriate funds from the water enterprise other post employment benefits stabilization fund to the water enterprise budget. — passed unanimously

Article 13 — Adopt the provisions of Chapter 159 of the Acts of 2000 to set the minimum personal property assessment at $10,000. — passed by a majority vote.

Article 14 — Authorize the Board of Selectmen to petition the General Court for special legislation authorizing the town to establish a means tested senior citizen property tax exemption. — dismissed by a unanimous vote but will go to the ballot box for the town-wide election.

Article 15 — Authorized the Board of Selectmen to accept easements — approved when voted on in the consent agenda.

Article 16 — Authorize the Board of Selectmen to amend the agricultural preservation restriction at 66-68 Boston Road to allow the construction of a restaurant. — dismissed by a majority vote.

Article 17 — Require the town to publicly bid the development rights of 66-68 Boston Road in accordance with Massachusetts General Law 184 Section 32 and MGL Chapter 30B Section 16. — dismissed by a majority vote.

Article 18 — Establish a policy to limit the use of artificial lights at recreational spaces from dusk to 10 p.m. — dismissed 238 to 228.

Article 19 — Amend Section 58 of the town bylaws to establish new requirements and limitations for the possession and consumption of alcohol on any public playing fields. — failed due to a lack of majority vote.

Article 20 — Amend Chapter 1 of the town bylaws by assigning penalties for violating by laws and regulations. — failed due to a lack of majority vote.

Article 21 — Add delinquent fire box alarm fees to tax bills. — passed unanimously

Article 22 — Petition the General Court to authorize the Board of Selectmen to increase the cemetery commission from three to five members. — passed unanimously.

Article 23 — Accept Shannon Circle as a public way. — passed unanimously.

Article 24 — Rename the Stony Brook School in recognition of Everett V. Olsen, Jr. — dismissed by a vote of 118 (in favor of dismissing) to 115.

Article 25 — Rename the Millennium building and any subsequent school administration building the “Everett V. Olsen Jr. Building.” Dismissed by a unanimous vote.