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Drew Gardens Debate Rages On; Bill Harman Faces Off with Tom Barry and Bill Nussbum


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Bill Harman squared off with Tom Barry and Bill Nussbum, on March 13 over a proposed restaurant at Drew Gardens — a topic that has torn the town apart as proponents and opponents spar over the legalities of amending or releasing an Agricultural Preservation Restriction.


Barry and Nussbum who favor the restaurant debated Harman over the phone from their Florida vacation site. Harman was in the studio with “Main Street”‘ host, Joyce Pellino Crane.

The 9-acre parcel is divided in three with each section under an APR.

“We might agree on the unattractive appearances there. I think that might be why people want the restaurant,” said Harman.


Harman asked Nussbum and Barry if the rundown appearance of the parcel is the reason for justifying a restaurant.

Sidestepping the question, Nussbum said, “We agree on keeping the APRs in perpetuity. We’re only seeking to amend APR #3…I think what we’re trying to do is encompass all of this, make this an attraction situation but still maintain the APRs as they originally were. We just want to amend this to make this a viable site that everybody could be proud of in the town.”

“You use the word ‘amending’ to make it seem like a minor change, but it’s certainly a real violation of the in perpetuity conditions that we documented,” Harman said.