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Reminders from the Westford Recycling Commission


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Westford Recycling Commission notice: May 27 (Memorial Day), is a holiday for trash and recycling. Pickups will be made one day later than usual.

Reminders from the Westford Recycling Commission:

PLASTIC BAGS, empty or filled, are NOT acceptable in recycling bins and toters.

TANGLERS – Cords, coat hangers, light strings, plastic 6-pack rings, garden hoses, wires, strings, ribbons, and chains – are prohibited from recycling bins and toters.

 CAPS and LIDS – Replace caps and lids on clean bottles, jars, and cans or toss lids in the trash. Do not discard them separately in recycling.

 PLASTIC YOGURT CUPS – Toss cups in recycle bin. Put aluminum lids in the trash. 

BLACK PLASTIC TAKE-OUT CONTAINERS – Put this item in your trash. Clear plastic lids can be rinsed and recycled.