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CHERYL A. MAJOR: Food and Depression


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Yesterday, my sister sent me an article from the Wall Street Journal on food and depression that is so good, I just had to share it with you.

From personal experience, I have known for years that food and depression are related.  That’s how I “disappeared” my own decades long struggle with it; I changed my diet.

In this article, titled, “The Food That Helps Battle Depression,” Elizabeth Bernstein says in part:

…later this month in Los Angeles at the American Academy of Neurology’s annual meeting, researchers from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago will present results from their research that shows that elderly adults who eat vegetables, fruits and whole grains are less likely to develop depression over time…

The annual American Psychiatric Association conference has started including presentations on nutrition and psychiatry, including one last year by chef David Bouley on foods that support the peripheral nervous system. And some medical schools, including Columbia University’s Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons, are starting to teach psychiatry residents about the importance of diet on mental health.

Thank you!  Finally!!! Did you know medical schools are not required to include courses on nutrition at all? This makes me crazy, but when you learn that much of the curricula of medical schools is dictated directly or indirectly by big pharma, it makes perfect sense.

Here is the link to the article so you may read it in its entirety.  It’s so good, that if you or anyone you know deals with depression, it is so worth your time to read this.

How may I serve you in your quest for optimal mental and physical health?

Cheryl A Major

Cheryl A Major lives in Westford and is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant. Her TV show, Thin Strong Healthy, airs on WestfordCat and is an offshoot of her blog http://ThinStrongHealthy.com   Cheryl offers ongoing information, live and online courses and personal health coaching to help you feel better and be healthier.  Follow Cheryl on Twitter @CherylAMajor.  She is also a full time residential Realtor with Coldwell Banker with more than 25 years experience. 

Her new book, “Eat Your Blues Away” in which she chronicles her recovery from depression is now available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback!   

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