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North Street Dog Labeled ‘Dangerous’ by Selectmen


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A 19-year-old North Street man was bitten by his neighbor’s dog on June 11 causing broken skin and a trip to an urgent care facility for a tetanus shot.

Selectmen unanimously labeled the dog as dangerous and required it be leashed at all times and contained by a fence.

The attack was the second dog fight this spring to land before the Board of Selectmen. On April 17, another pit bull mix and its companion dog, a labrador mix, mauled a toy poodle to death on Wilson Farm Drive, as an 18-year-old man walked the poodle home on a leash.

On June 11, Sovannarith Powers had just brought trash barrels to the curb and was walking up his family’s driveway when he suddenly found himself in the midst of an attack on his golden retriever by a neighbor’s dog — a pit bull mix named Duchess.

The incident, which took place at 4 North St., ended with a dog bite and broken skin on Powers’ right and left arms. The neighbor’s dog lives at 6 North St.

Those involved in the June 11 incident appeared before selectmen on June 25.

Powers provided a description of what happened.

“…I looked to my right at the property of 6 North St., and I see their dog is not on leash and not accounted for…the dog proceeded to run up to my dog and get into a fight,” he said.

Powers said he held onto his dog’s collar as the aggressive dog attacked, but ended up trying to separate them by putting his body between them and attempting to pick up the dogs.

Carrie Powers, also of North Street, said she has called police about the dog three times.

“The dog is not friendly,” she said, “and I don’t wish any harm to the dog or the dog’s family, but I want it contained…I just want the problem solved.”

Duchess’s owner, Guy Leatherdale, said his step-son, Annan, who attends Blanchard Middle School, was trying to contain the dog but was unable to hold onto her.

Leatherdale speculated that it was the noise of the barrels being dragged that got Duchess’s attention.

“…the loud noise…got her attention and then she went to investigate to see what the noise was,” he said.