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Westford Academy Graduation Ceremony Available on WestfordCAT’s Education Streaming Channel


The WestfordCAT recording of Westford Academy’s 2019 Graduation Ceremony debuted on June 22 on WestfordCAT’s Education Channels and is now available on westfordcat.org’s Education streaming channel, accessible from the home page.

Every year, WestfordCAT records the graduation ceremony and creates personalized keepsake copies on DVD or Blu-Ray discs for a small fee. The DVD sales help fund the station’s internship program and its summer camps. This year, a downloadable file link is included so that families can watch the ceremony on their computers and mobile devices.

To order a copy of the ceremony, and support WestfordCAT’s programs, click here.

Note: The time of Sunday’s telecast was updated to 12 p.m. vs. 2 p.m.