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Westford Cultural Council Seeks Funding Proposals for 2019-2020


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The Westford Cultural Council is accepting grant applications Sept. 1
through Oct. 15, from organizations, schools, and individuals seeking
funding to support cultural activities in the community.

Application forms are available at mass-culture.org/Westford beginning
Sept. 1.

These grants support a variety of arts, humanities, and science projects and
activities in Westford, including exhibits, festivals, field trips, short-term artist
residencies, or performances in schools, workshops, and lectures.

All grants are reimbursement-based; the applicant expends their money and, if
approved for a grant, submits the paperwork for reimbursement.

The Westford Cultural Council is part of a network of 329 Local Cultural Councils
serving all 351 cities and towns in the Commonwealth. The LCC Program is the
largest grassroots cultural funding network in the nation, supporting thousands of
community-based projects in the arts, sciences and humanities every year.

The state legislature provides an annual appropriation to the Mass Cultural Council,
a state agency, which then allocates funds to each community.

In the 2018-2019 grant cycle year, the Westford Cultural Council approved 19
projects for grants. A listing of these projects can be found online at massculture.org/Westford. This site also includes local guidelines and priorities, as well
as information about the Local Cultural Council Program.

For more information on the contest or the Westford Cultural Council, visit
westfordma.gov/627/Cultural-Council or email

WestfordCulturalCouncil@gmail.com. Connect to the cultural council via social
media on Facebook: @WestfordCulturalCouncil; on Twitter: @WestfordCulture;
and on Instagram: @WestfordCultural.