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VIDEO: Westford Academy Graduate and UConn Sophomore Hosts Third STEM For Girls Program


In this episode of STEM For Girls By Girls in STEM, Westford Academy graduate and UConn Sophomore, Serena Beri, focuses on First Robotic Competitions for high schoolers, the steps needed to build life size robots, and how various sub teams work together to complete a project.

Beri is joined by the former Team Captain of the FRC Devil Bots and current junior at Olin College of Engineering, Anusha Datar, whose concentration is in electrical engineering. Datar reveals the skills needed to be successful and what challenges young robotic engineers face in competitions.

“Being on a robotics team is a great way to learn a bunch of technical skills,” says Datar. “You learn all about how, electronics, in my case, are developed; how that works with larger mechanical and programming systems, and how to work on a team to make those projects actually exist.

A lot of the skills you learn in robotics otherwise are non-technical. You learn how to speak in front of large groups of people; lead large teams. There are going to be many people on your electrical team, also on your full team, and other teams when you go to competitions, and if you can’t work well with them, you’re not going to be able to succeed in the field.”

This is Beri’s third episode in a series of 10 she has planned to air on WestfordCAT.

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